The most advanced Gel-Pocket spring mattress for under $1,000

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Palmerston Furniture & Bedding, are excited to introduce the latest development in mattresses.

The Biogel Cooltech mattress, is the most technologically advanced Gel Pillow Top, Pocket Spring mattress on the market today. “The coolest dreams are on a Gel mattress”

               BioGel – Cooltech technology


This luxurious pillow top mattress has excellent comfort and support.
Cooltech technology takes all the heat out of sleeping in the tropics. Features include Gel infused memory foam, which is up to 3 degrees cooler than conventional memory foam. Benefits include moulding to your body shape, joint pressure relief and wonderful cool comfort.

gel heat chart

Airflow maximisation construction further enhances the cool features of the Biogel Cooltech mattress. Air flows between the pillow top and the main body of the mattress preventing heat build up.

gel-foam pocket spring





Dynacoil pocket springs are individual high performance coil springs housed in fabric.

Each Dynacoil works individually, therefore movement by one partner is not felt by the other. Minimal partner disturbance is a key feature of any high quality mattress. Dynacoil pocket springs also provide excellent full body contour support. Consistent support is vital for back care. Any inferior spring system where the springs are interconnected do not provide the support or peaceful rest provided by the Dynacoil pocket spring. These inferior Chinese springs commonly use a system of zoning to prevent springs from sagging in the highest load area of a mattress. With the high performance Dynacoil pocket spring, you can rest assured knowing you have the best available quality.

Unlike a lot of mattress brands, we never store our Dynacoil pocket springs in a compressed form. Any mattress spring that has been compressed will suffer a severe loss of life and quality. These inferior springs will lead to a loss of comfort and cause back ache. Rest assured mattress quality and comfort are our main focus.

Non flip technology actually has a longer life span than the old double sided mattress technology.


Double sided mattresses have no strength or support as a base, so eventually the springs would sag. This sagging in a mattress can cause serious back injury as well as being very uncomfortable.
A key feature of the Dynacoil pocket spring is the support provided by the high quality urethane base and side walls. The added benefit of non flip technology is rotating a mattress is much easier than flipping it over.

Side support is a very important feature of a quality mattress. You should be able to sleep comfortably even near the edge. Sitting on the side of a mattress is a very normal function. Quality side support is fundamental for sitting on your mattress with comfort. Low quality mattresses do not use urethane side walls, but use a low cost system of metal clips or polystyrene. These inferior designs always collapse in the sidewall after a short period of time.

Mattress care is a simple task, when a mattress is new we suggest rotating every month for the first initial period. After that every three months is the ideal rotation period. Any opportunity to even the wear on a mattress is recommended. So sleeping in the centre of the mattress sometimes is ideal. Avoid children jumping on a mattress as they are not designed for this. The correct bed frame is also important. Any divan ensemble base is suitable, also any bed frame that is level and the space between the slats is not more than the width of the slats is also suitable.


Ensemble Base – Divan

Colonial Bedframes King







AVOID posture slats, these are usually on budget Chinese bed frames. As the base of the bed is not level they provide poor support to the mattress. If only one person is sleeping on the side of the bed, that side becomes lower and you feel like you are falling out of bed.



The other great advantage of dealing direct with the mattress designer is the price. No franchise fees, no additional freight charges no hidden marketing fees. Just the best quality mattresses, at the
best possible price. At Palmerston Furniture & Bedding, price really is part of the comfort.


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